Monday, Nov. 27, 2006

Welcome to the second home of feet. This is where I started blogging, before it was cool, before the world even knew what it was. That was about eight or nine years ago.

I couldn't stand to be without a writing outlet any longer. The bloggin' hobby has changed my pattern of thinking and the way I view the world. I think in entries. I see in posts. I can see the humour or beauty or the hypocrisy in the strangest places. Places others pass by unknowingly. Many, many of those thoughts.

My grandfather passed away today. Peacefully, quietly. Nine days after he was diagnosed with cancer. That's it. I have no grandparents left. Sad. I'm going to Victoria to see and hug and support my momma on Thursday. Chloe will visit her dad Saturday night which is my birthday so my mom and I are going on a date for dinner and a movie.

I'll be living here until the other blog is up and running. Who knows when but atleast now I have an outlet for those anecdotes that I don't ever want to forget.

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